All In One Heat Pump

1. Green environmental protection, safety and energy saving, saving electricity and money.
2. It is beautiful and generous to adopt the integrated design of main engine and water tank, which takes up less space and is easy to install.
3.100L-400L can be used for 2-8 people.
4. The inner/outer coil can be combined with solar water heater, and the additional solar coil can be selected.
5.1-2KW electric heating is used as backup to ensure a more stable heat supply.
6. Food grade tank liner, body elements free collocation (appearance, style optional), stainless steel, color sheet metal ,ect.
7. Material of tank shell can be chosen. Magnesium rod can be built in water tank to prevent calcification and scaling.
8. Max hot water is 60 degrees. Weekly high temperature disinfection regularly to ensure clean water quality.
9. Multiple self-protection functions.
10. Use world-famous compressors.

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